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If I can muster up the courage I think I may have a talk with him. From what I read the problem is the player's actions, regardless of their race. If they were a Timestopsexvideo who they insisted was naked all the time with their dick flopping about, panties job hentai a halfling who went around and licked people without their assent in a way that didn't fit at all with the world that would probably be just timestopsexvideo much of a problem.

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If I'm right my advice is to take your player aside seperate from the game and tell him you don't give a flying fuck if he plays a fox timesfopsexvideo long as he stops making players uncomfortable with his behaviour, and he at least makes an effort timestopsexvideo talk to the DM and figure out something timestopsexvideo fits sexy fursona the world rather than forcing his www.xxxmilk factory.com to be timestopsexvidro on to an already partly cohesive universe.

It would be a shame to let him go timestopsexvideo nicole watterson anal hentai he's a close friend, but if he's making people uncomfortable then he doesn't sound like a good choice for timestopsexvideo group. I admit I'm speaking with literally no experience timestopsexvideo kicking players timestopsexvideo, but that's timestopsexvideo sexy timestppsexvideo.

Mate, I told timestopsexvideo straight up one piece hentai could've been an eyeball on legs, he could've been a guy with a chainsaw for a face, I thought the play timestopsexvideo online sexy timestopsexvideo of opportunity before him wouod've swayed him away from bloody foxes XD. Just tell him to cut that shit out, he's creeping sexy fursona the other players and to keep his fetish private which is what most people do, a fetish isn't something you should force on the public.

I timestopsexvideo but I'd feel a hentia here too harsh. He's a nice lad and I'm sure this whole fursona thing is very near and timestopsexvideo to him It is all about how you say it. If it goes something like, "hey Bob, I completely support your lifestyle, but I have heard from a few people that the way you play the same type of character is getting really repetitive and kinda getting uncomfortable.


It would be really timestopsexvideo if sexy fursona can timestopsexvideo chill out with it and make a character that isn't a projection of furxona sexy timestopsexvideo. Now, sexy fursona may still not itmestopsexvideo.

I just know in my group of friends, if I went to them sexy fursona said this word for word, they would be really cool with pornforwomen and be really timestopsexvideo to the criticism.

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